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     The mindless becomes the mindful while weaving in and out repetitively. Every fragment of cloth that was torn apart holds a memory of the whole that it once was, and the promise of becoming a part of something new again when rejoined with other lost fragments through tedious, but also thoughtful efforts. It is as if these found objects knew they were destined for rebirth.

     The weaving process is a time consuming and laborious means to make something that lacks function. While working, the question of “Why did I choose this?” kept arising. Through my work I found the reason was my growing appreciation for the honesty of this mundane, cumulative labor , the undeniable metaphorical value relating to the human condition, and the seductive quality of the media.The linear and delicate beauty of the thread and cloth receding and ascending through the loom holds parallels to creating a painting or drawing. It allows lines to determine composition, depth, color and movement. The translation of the language of drawing and painting into weaving was not without its challenges.

      One must keep structure and craft in mind while choreographing a beautiful dance of fabrics and threads. None of this could be possible without the loom. The loom acts as an incubator for an artwork that will emerge independently when it is strong enough to leave the structure. It also acts as the bones that will allow the less independent to hold a dignity and  structure they would not have with out the loom.

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